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Enrollment - POWER Cycle 5

Enrollment is now open for programs to participate in

Cycle 5 of POWER (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2024).

Use the link below to fill out the online Intent to Enroll form.

Questions about POWER enrollment?  Please contact us.


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What are the


What is


A consortium of leading hospital-based pediatric weight management programs (WMPs) across the country that collect data to submit to a centralized data repository.  POWER enables collaborations and sharing of best practices among members of POWER through committees and webinars.   

Establish a national registry of children and adolescents participating in multi-component Weight Management Programs:

Serve as a resource to promote high quality research as it relates to the evaluation and management of children and adolescents with obesity.


Improve patient care: Improve evidence-based guidelines for the management of pediatric obesity; help to standardize and improve quality of care for youth with obesity, and their families in the U.S.


Promote collaborative research:

Conduct comparative effectiveness studies and multi-center clinical trials to test innovative and promising treatment options for youth with obesity.

What are some of our


  • 16,064 patients enrolled as of 11/17/2021​

  • 7 publications in leading journals

  • Participation from 37 programs in 25 states over 7 years

  • NIH-funded R34 Planning Grant project

  • 15 presentations at national conferences

  • American Heart Association-funded collaboration project with Duke University

  • 8 Invited Presentations 

  • Rhythm Pharmaceuticals Grant Award - helped to support POWER infrastructure

See all of our academic productivity here.

ItE step
ItE form


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How does my site enroll in POWER?

Complete the Intent to Enroll Form

Complete and submit the Intent to Enroll form with your site/program information. Once received, you will be sent the enrollment packet for your site.

Sign Data Use Agreement (DUA)

Your enrollment packet will include the standard DUA template for POWER with your site's information. Cincinnati Children's (CCHMC) works with the DUA contact at your site to fully execute and submit the agreement. 

Invoicing/payment cannot proceed until this step is complete.

Obtain IRB Approval

IRB approval at your site is required to recruit patients for participation in POWER. Sites also have the option of a reliance agreement with the Cincinnati Children's IRB.

Submit the Enrollment Fee

Sites submit a $5,000 enrollment fee to participate in a 2-year cycle of POWER. These enrollment fees support POWER’s Data Coordinating Center (DCC), located at Cincinnati Children's. The DCC provides data collection form design; data repository build, training and support; electronic data upload support; data cleaning and query management; database lock and extraction; and reports on aggregate and site-specific data as determined by the POWER Governance Board. These fees also cover POWER’s administrative support services. 

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